Best Triple Monitor Mount

Triple monitor setups are a great way to boost productivity and immersivity in gaming. Whether you’re a writer, designer, or just love having different applications open, nothing is more productive than having more screen real estate that helps you get more things done at once.

Triple monitor setups help both with productivity and gaming. However, when it comes to getting one of these systems onto your desk, you’ll need to consider the amount of space available in your setup especially if you don’t want a cluttered workspace nor deal with headaches adjusting the setting regularly.

A lot of people have configured their desk to accommodate triple monitor setups, but configuring this setup may be a hassle because not all triple monitor mounts allow you enough space or flexibility needed to set them up in the right way. Good quality mounts that are built specifically for multi-monitors setups can save both lots of space and keep a clean aesthetic look. Investing in a good triple monitor mount lets you save a significant amount of desk space and add outstanding ergonomics to your workspace. You can adjust the position of your monitors to your particular needs and reclaim unused space for other accessories.

Following we will be reviewing five Best Triple Monitor Mount of the current year.

MOUNT PRO Triple Monitor Desk Mount

If you are looking for a monitor arm with wide compatible that can support most LCD monitors, then look no further than this one. This one is ideal for both desktop monitors and TV’s. It is an excellent addition to your work area. It’s built from high-quality metal and designed for long-term use. This one is perfect for every office desk and workstation, whether it’s from home or work.

This one is the best choice for your office or home. This one is built from the finest materials, making sure it will last for years to come. You can trust that this one will hold up to your needs. The adjustable arm will help you to easily adjust it to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

 Easily mount the arm on the desktop with the dual options for clamp-on or grommet-base mounting. Full 360-degree rotation – The multi-function monitor arm has 360° rotational motion for precise viewing angles and optimal viewing positions. Adjustable tilt-and-swivel – Easily adjust your monitor to the desired view position using the knob. Rotate the monitor up to 35° clockwise and down to 45° counter-clockwise. Turn the knob to the left for -35° and to the right for +35° tilt.

The monitor can be swiveled to any angle from 0° to 135° left, right, or up, or rotated left to right, or right to left. Multi-functional cable management – The integrated cable management system neatly secures power cords and cables behind the monitor. A removable, plastic tray on the arm’s base lets you organize and store HDMI and DVI cords. Dual installation options – Mounts on desktops with or without a hole. Use the C-Clamp for desktops with thickness up to 5.35”, and use the grommet base for desktops with holes.

  • Works well with any size screen.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Works with most desktop monitors.
  • Cable management system is a bit flimsy

VIVO Triple 23 to 32 inch

Get organized with this triple monitor stand that accommodates 3 LCD monitors from 23” to 32”. This mount holds up to 22 lbs per screen (66 lbs total), allowing you to save precious desk space while maximizing your viewing area.

With integrated cable management, it makes it easy to keep your cords neat and tidy for easy viewing and use of all 3 screens. Adjust the angle of each screen with the 360° swivel feature and the height adjustment along the center pole. With articulated arms, you can adjust your viewing angle between +90° to -90°. This monitor stand is perfect for the office or home office, making you more productive.

A stand for three monitors that can fit between 23″ and 32″ VESA screens (75x75mm and 100x100mm). All steel construction supports 22 lbs per screen (66 lbs total).Win back the area that 3 individual monitors would require by mounting all of them to the same stand. Integrated cable management is included to keep AV and power cords clean and organized via clips along the arms and center pole.

Adjustable arms offer -90° to +90° tilt, 360° swivel, 360° rotation (combined with 12 points of articulation), and height adjustment along the center pole. This creates ergonomic viewing angles that alleviate soreness in the neck, back, and shoulders. Secures the mount to desks up to 4” thick and features padding to protect your table surface from scratches. Installing your monitors is an easy process with detachable VESA brackets.

  • Easy to use.
  • Cable management system is sturdy.
  • Works well with any size screen.
  • Arm adjustment may be too tight.

MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount

This stand offers a solution for home entertainment with all of your devices, thanks to its three separate components. The base has a single hole and is compatible with a wall mount plate or TV stand. It has four swivel arms that can be adjusted to various angles and heights. The swivel arm is made of sturdy rubber and has a smooth surface to make it easy to move around without making noise. There are no screws in the stand, so you’ll have no mess to clean up.

This 3 Monitor Stand Mount – Triple Monitor Desk Mount for Computer Screens Up to 27 inch fits most flat or curved LCD computer screens up to 27″. The arms support a weight of 2.6 lbs, compatible with VESA pattern 75x75mm and 100x100mm. Fit for most tables with a thickness or hole diameter of 3.15″. Center screen can be height adjusted. It comes with cable management for a neat looking workspace. The 3 monitor stand mount get displays off your desk conveniently, and the standing pole design helping you to gain a ton of extra space.

The fully adjustable monitor arms can tilt ±35°, swivel ±90°, and support rotation 360 degrees. Center screen can be height adjusted. The 2 gas spring arms make the extension, retraction, and height adjustment dynamically and easily. Multiple screen combinations, easily find an optimal viewing angle and position for comfortable work. The 3 monitor stand mount get displays off your desk conveniently, and the standing pole design helping you to gain a ton of extra space.

Integrated cable management to keep cables tucked in arm neatly, hide the sore eyes wire clutter. Just enjoy your working, gaming, or viewing hours in a comfortable environment. This monitor desk mount is easy to assemble with C-clamp or grommet mount, quick-release VESA plate makes it simple to attach monitor. Comes with clear instruction and necessary hardware for mounting, it takes less than 20 minutes from opening the box to using the monitor. Do not hesitate to relate with us for any pre-purchase or installation questions. The 3 monitor mount features premium gas spring, made from heavy-gauge steel, strong enough to hold three monitor displays stably, ensure the safety of your monitor.

  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy and safe.
  • Multiple monitor combinations.
  • The VESA plate is too short for large screens.

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount

Triple monitor desk mount has been specially designed to hold three 24 inch (25 cm) to 32 inch (81cm) screens and a maximum weight of 15.4 pounds. Use the 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA square bolt hole pattern found on the back of the monitors. Measure distance, in millimeters, between bolt holes in the pattern if unsure of size. For best viewing experience, make sure your monitors are VESA compatible. The arms have counter-balanced gas spring for effortless adjustments.

Can tilt up and down 90 degrees, swivel 360 degrees left and right, raise and lower, and monitors can be rotated and placed in portrait or landscape orientation independent of one another. Center monitor can be height adjusted with a tool-free turn of the mounting bracket arm. For best viewing experience, make sure your monitors are VESA compatible. Comes with integrated cable management to keep your cords out of sight and is made out of heavy duty steel and aluminum alloy. Has removable C-clamp and grommet base mounts for desktops up to 4 inches wide.

The stand can be tilted, swiveled, raised and lowered, and tilted 90 degrees left and right. Also, you can rotate each arm independently to place the monitors in the portrait or landscape orientation. There is a tool-free center arm for height adjustments. This mount works great with most VESA mounts, such as 100×100, 75×75, 100×120 and 125×125. Use it to mount a TV or monitor onto the wall using one of the included VESA mounting plates. A push of a button detaches the VESA plate from the stand.

 The included C-clamp and grommet base mount makes it easy to secure the stand to your desk and adjust the tension with the included tool, making it a snap to get the perfect setup. With its high quality, heavy duty steel construction, this desk mount is built to last. Includes 2.0 Usb port, 3 audio port, matching extension cables, installation tools, instructions, warranty, and a 5 year warranty.

  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy and safe.
  • Multiple monitor combinations.
  • Cannot hold three 15 pound monitors

WALI Premium Triple LCD Monitor

This WALI Premium Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Gas Spring Stand features a sturdy and durable construction. With its double benefits, you will be able to enjoy your favorite entertainment or work with a maximum of comfort. This product is fully adjustable and the height can be adjusted up to 17.1″.
If you work at your desk, you might need to turn your monitor towards yourself while doing some works, and then you can find your laptop’s display is not easy to see. This WALI LCD monitor stand can solve this problem easily. Not only can it stand your laptop monitor vertically to allow you to see its display clearly, but it can also be rotated to the left or right for a more comfortable working posture.

The adjustment range is up to 270 degrees (0 degrees: vertical, 45 degrees: left-right, 90 degrees: front-rear, and 180 degrees: left-right), and it can tilt left or right by 45 degrees, up to 17.1″ from the horizontal plane.

With the WALI Triple Monitor Desk Mount, you’re sure to be the rebel leader in the office. With easy-to-use adjustments, this stand can help you monitor multiple screens easily and comfortably. The stand is fully adjustable, and will give you maximum comfort for your workstation. So whether you need a desk mount to keep your laptop safe and secure, or to hold a monitor or flat screen TV in place, the WALI is a great choice. And because it’s also gas spring-powered, you get extra functionality to save on batteries.

  • Can be adjusted to multiple monitor configurations.
  • Can hold three monitors.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Problems with the arms staying in place and locking

Buying Guide

We’ll start by looking at the different factors you should consider before buying a triple monitor mount. These include the type of mount, the amount of desk space available, the type of setup you want to achieve, and the budget.

The Type of Mount

When it comes to triple monitor mounts, there are three main types. The first is a standard desktop mount that attaches to your desk, which is generally a heavy duty mount with a lot of features. These mounts are ideal for when you have a large desk.

A second type is a dual monitor mount, which attaches to your desk and supports two monitors. This type of mount is ideal for when you have a smaller desk.
The third type is a laptop mount, which supports your laptop on your desk and you can easily attach and detach it. This type of mount is ideal for when you are using your laptop on your desk.


A triple monitor mount is usually designed to be able to support multiple monitors. Therefore, before purchasing one, you need to check if it’s compatible with your computer setup and if it can support multiple monitors.

Some triple monitor mounts are not compatible with multiple monitors. Therefore, you need to check the compatibility with your computer setup before buying. If you are not sure about the compatibility, it’s better to look for a triple monitor mount that is compatible with your setup.

Mount Size

It is recommended that you should buy a triple monitor mount that is at least the size of your monitor. For example, if your monitor is 25.4 inches, you should get a mount that is at least the size of 25.4 inches.
If your monitor is smaller than 25.4 inches, it will be difficult to mount it in your monitor stand. Therefore, it is better to get a mount that is at least the size of your monitor.

Desk Space
You should consider the amount of desk space you have before buying a triple monitor mount. You need to make sure that the mount you get will fit your desk space and that it will not be an obstacle when you use your computer.
If you have a large desk, you may be able to get a mount that is larger than your desk. Therefore, you should check the size of your desk to see if it can fit a mount that is larger than your desk.
If you have a small desk, you may not be able to get a mount that is larger than your desk. Therefore, it is better to get a mount that is the size of your desk.

The Budget

The budget is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a triple monitor mount. However, when it comes to triple monitor mounts, you can find one that is very affordable. The first thing you should do is to decide how much you want to spend. Once you have a budget in mind, you can start shopping for a mount.


There are two main types of setups you can achieve with a triple monitor mount. The first is a side-by-side setup where you place your monitor’s side-by-side. The second is an over-the-top setup where you place your monitors over your desk.

Side-by-Side Setup

This setup is the most popular type of setup because it is easy to set up and you can adjust it to suit your needs. However, the side-by-side setup is not the most ergonomic setup.

Over-the-Top Setup

This setup is the most ergonomic setup because you can easily adjust the position of your monitors to your needs. However, this setup is harder to set up. In terms of the best triple monitor mount, the side-by-side setup is the best option. However, the over-the-top setup is still a viable option.