Gateway FX desktop review

As a standard $999 execution PC, the Gateway FX6850-51u and its quick Intel Core i7 2600 CPU is a fair arrangement. The issue is that the adapted case recommends that this is a gaming PC, yet in spite of its quick chip, an iron deficient illustrations card keeps down its 3D execution. This PC will give a rapid nongaming experience, or fill in as a decent redesign stage. We simply wish it didn’t feel like such a negative, uneven interpretation of a financial plan gaming work area.

Practically talking, the FX6850-51u’s case has a few valuable elements. We like the removable hard-drive coves that slide out through the front board. The media card peruser extends out helpfully from the forward looking upper corner, and the contraption plate on the highest point of the framework is welcome all of the time.

On a store rack, however, this PC, with its red case lights and its shaped plastic “shield” plating, obviously has the gaming segment as a main priority. Tragically, it comes up short on parts to offer convincing PC gaming execution.

It’s conceivable that Gateway has planned itself into a corner with its FX-line. Sellers normally utilize a similar case for at minimum a couple of CPU ages, and with a less adapted plan, the FX6850-51u would make a sensible framework for home efficiency or purchaser level advanced media altering. Its Core i7 2600 CPU is the current leader processor in Intel’s second-age Core family (also known as Sandy Bridge), and with 8GB of RAM and a lower-end GPU with a lot of video memory, this framework is seriously valued at $999. As you can see on our application execution tests underneath, it will deal with Photoshop, video delivering, and different media undertakings better than a portion of its more costly contest.

We’ve submitted comparable questions about such imbalanced execution from more seasoned emphasess of Gateway’s FX line, however the FX6850-51u is seemingly the most obviously awful guilty party. As another option, Gateway could have considered saving $100 by exchanging down from a 3.4GHz Core i7 2600 to 3.3GHz Intel Core i5 2500 chip, and afterward applying that reserve funds to a quicker designs card like the GeForce GTX 460, or an AMD Radeon HD 6850. Such a design would post more slow application execution than this model, however not by a deplorable sum for common purchaser purposes. It would likewise offer altogether further developed 3D execution, probable outperforming that of the Acer Predator framework.