Gateway Desktop PC SX2803-25E Pentium E5800

Pros: 1. PRICE. I got this for about $270, which is great considering the parts it has in it. 2. Storage, definitely. 1TB of memory gives you a lot to work with, and once again for a great price. More expensive models come with a lot less. 3. USB slots. This thing has a total of 9, 5 in front and 4 in back, more than you should ever need. 4. The case looks very sleek, even if it isn’t that effective. (See cons.)

Cons: 1. The BIOS for the CPU is not accessible, so you won’t be overclocking at all. 2. My computer only came with 4GB as opposed to six, but I managed to upgrade it to 8GB for only $20, contrary to the 6GB limit advertised here. 3. The case is TINY. Very very small, and not friendly at all to upgrades. I had to dremel off part of the case to get my Radeon 6750 to fit, and that card is considered low-profile. 4. The slots are questionably placed, especially the RAM and HDD. The HDD is under the DVD drive and gets very hot at times because of this. The DVD drive also rests above the RAM slots, which has caused problems for me because of the size of my RAM cards, leaving me to abandon the case’s siding altogether. 5. Only 220w of power, definitely needs an upgrade if you’re going to be doing anything other than light gaming or working.

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Overall Review: This thing has been a wrestle to fix up, but I managed to hook it up with an open case, 500w power supply, 8GB RAM, and a Radeon 6750 HD. It can now tackle any game released up to this point (2012/1/16) without any lag whatsoever, and handles all of my multitasking and such perfectly fine.